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подобие - lsdmax_lhit
Well, yes and no, actually Max remade it and his code is impossible to crack (for me at least). It is a previous version which I had source code.

Many mods are broken right now due to new stuff added, for instance there is a new variable in many functions called "isRicochet", many mods have to be fixed because they "decorate" regular functions by calling them back but they are called with wrong arguments, we just need to add the "isRicochet" argument to fix them.

Since I didn't find anything fixed for this one, I did it myself and shared it.

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это что за мод?

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и куда его скидывать?
as usual, place this in res_mods\0.9.3\scripts\client\mods as long as you have already added the modified cameranode.pyc file that grants recursive look for mods.

If you don't have this one (should be in res_mods\0.9.3\scripts\client) just find one and add it.

Or even better, you can create your own CameraNode.pyc with this code, for example :

import BigWorld

class CameraNode(BigWorld.UserDataObject):

def __init__(self):

def load_mods():
import ResMgr, os, glob
sec = ResMgr.openSection('../paths.xml')
subsec = sec['Paths']
vals = subsec.values()[0:2]
for val in vals:
mp = val.asString + '/scripts/client/mods/*.pyc'
for fp in glob.iglob(mp):
_, fn = os.path.split(fp)
sn, _ = fn.split('.')
if sn != '__init__':
print 'LoadMod: ' + sn
exec 'import mods.' + sn
except Exception as e:
print e


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