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World of Warships (WoWs) 0.8.9 моды и читы

: В этом разделе вы можете бесплатно скачать моды для World of Warships (Мир кораблей)
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Оф. комментарий про моды и WoWS


Ladies, Gentlemen, Pirates,

In response to all the heated discussions around modifications I would like to reiterate what members of our Community Team have been imparting on you already: We have taken note of the issue and are working towards a solution.

We like mods and know that moddability makes it simply more fun and more personal. It also allows us to see solutions that we have not thought of ourselves or did not have the resources to implement. Of course there are mods which introduce a variable into our design that we don't want or are not sure about. These we will keep an eye on and take action.

At this time we are still in a closed pre-release phase which we are using to full effect. Part of that is seeing what kind of mods appear, how they work and how they affect the game. Because of this we are not immediately condemning any general group of mods, but we are also not going to indefinitely ignore anything that breaks the game for our players.

On a side note, our definition of "breaks the game" is entrenched in statistics and design experience, not only direct community feedback. But you already knew that.

As part of the steps taken to combat the appearance of mods like these, we are considering encoding our script files and making our file architecture different from World of Tanks. This should slow down the appearance of modifications directly ported from WoT, which is very easy at the moment. Building on that we will then change certain game logics that modders could exploit and encode even further. All of this together means that over time we will be increasing the hacking difficulty of our scripts, making them more and more difficult to break, and most importantly – to support.

Unfortunately, this would also impact harmless mods, at least initially, but that's a bridge we will cross when we get there.

Another thing we are considering is revisiting our own target prediction system, which we had tried in Alpha. We have a few ideas on how to rework it to make it work better than it did before and make it fulfill the role we originally intended it to. However, we are not quite sure we want to go down that road yet.

For the meantime you will have to endure in the face of potential mod users, but rest assured that we are taking steps to work it out.

Action Stations! :honoring:
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